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Here are the projects (personal Ones) I did or working upon.... Hope to add them soon with Git Links. I mostly work on projects based on open source technology.... Which are popular in the general programming community, experimenting with jQuery mobile and Bootstrap. Other than that... Java is my favorite one :). Though I like to code with the popular platform. I am also interested in getting hands on new technology and frameworks based on Java and JavaScript or jQuery.


arati sankalan application

Arati sankalan

This application is a collection of all the important arati . Currently, the application consists of
Shri Ganesh arati (Hindi)
Shri Vishnu's aarti
Shri hanuman aarti
Shri Durga aarti
Shri Laxmi Mata arati
Shri Santoshi Mata arati
Shri sai baba aarti
Shri shiv arati
Shri Ganga arati
Shri Saraswati aarti
Shri Satyanarayana arati
Shri Krishna arati
Shri Ram's arati
Shri Shani dev arati
Shri Bhairav arati
Shri Gayatri arati
Mangalashtak (Marathi wedding song)
Soon other arati and mantras will be added and the UI will be improved . This is the initial version of my app . The further version you can expect to see more arati/mantras in other languages as well .you can expect to see more arati/mantras in other languages as well .



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