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KITS ramtek

Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science, Ramtek

KITS College was inaugurated by Sri P.V Narasimha Rao on 19th August 1985.Mr. P.V Narasimha Rao was the prime minister of India from 21st June 1991 to 16th may 1996.The vision of the college is to develop the institute into a center of Excellence In Professional And Technical Education.The college comes under

Nagpur University(RTMNU).


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I have completed my engineering from KITS, Ramtek in ELECTRONIC's branch. I have taken admission in kits in the year 2007.The duration, of course, is four years. I have completed the course successfully in the year 2011. I have 65% in degree.

Projects: 1.Mini Project Name:'Running LED Light' Description: Running LED light was a very basic project which included a microcontroller of 8051 series. AT89C2051 was the microcontroller I used for my mini project. It belongs to the ATMEL series of the microcontroller . I used Kiel Microvision for writing the embedded code for the microcontroller. Language used was embedded C. The project was just the series for blinking LED lights with different patterns.

Project:2.Mega Project Name:' Cell Phone based voting machine' The cell phone based voting machine was like a prototype for complete voting solution by using the mobile phone. We used DTMF decoder IC to decode the value entered using the phone keypad. Here we used AT89C8051 series of the microcontroller. And the LCD panel for displaying the result. The aim of the project was just to use the fast growing mobile revolution in India to be used for the voting mechanism.


1.Worked in microcontroller workshop organized at Ramdeobaba Kamala Nehru college of engineering.

2.Worked in robotics training workshop organized by the laboratory for applied research in electronics(LARE).

3.Cleared Maharashtra State Certificate In Information Technology (MS-CIT) with 92% marks.

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