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Hello, Guys..!!

Hello Guys, This is Sandeep Satone from Nagpur city.Nagpur is also known as the city of oranges. From many days I was planning to open my site today got this wonderful chance to make my own Website.



About Me

The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure."- This is the philosophy of my life. I am Sandeep Satone.Currently, I am the software developer in HSBC Global technology center also know as HSBC GLT. It is located in Hyderabad capital of the Andhra Pradesh state of India. Before joining HSBC I completed my engineering in Electronics from Kavikulguru institute of technology and science, Ramtek which is situated in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra. I have done my schooling from St john's high school Nagpur.Currently, my passion is java and related technologies. I am also interested in open source mobile application and web application development tools. I have good exposure to technologies like Java, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, Dojo, CSS, and middleware technology like WebSphere Message Broker. Other than Software technologies I am passionate about electronics, I have the hobby of designing electronics circuits and programming 8085 and 8051 series of microcontroller and microprocessors using Kiel Microvision tool. I have good exposure to the tools like Kiel Microvision, Multisim simulation software for the digital circuit by National Instruments, PSpice simulation software by electronics lab and Proteus Professional. I love creative people as they inspire me to do creative stuff. I love researching and exploring things which most of the people don't know.I love to take challenges and face them gracefully.

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